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Chris Russo is an expressive and experienced guitarist, who has performed, toured and

recorded with many amazing artists: JOE, Mystikal, Youthful Praise, Shirley Ceasar,

John P. Kee, Hezekiah Walker, Tye Tribbet,  Boyz II Men,  Mo’ Horns,

The  Norwalk Symphony, Rhei C, Montell Williams, Jim Donovan...and more.

He has contributed to many recordings with gospel, R&b and rock artists over the years. 

Now, Chris is composing, and creating art

music for media (games, TV/movie, advertising). 

His form of futuristic, guitar-driven, often anthemic, music explores the

action and fantasy realm with guts!

Chris Russo / “rOOs” 

unleashes a barrage of space-age compositions, dramatic music and electronic sound design.  Chris’s  compositions cover a wide range of styles and sounds, while still providing a cohesive listening experience...from apocalypse and all-out war, to sports/action, to peace, love and meditation.  And many tracks are loaded with hot-rod guitars!  Perfect for listening, 

licensing and beyond!

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